Yaa Syabab Qod Anab-يَاشَـبَابًا قَدْ أَنـَابَ

يَاشَـبَابًا قَدْ أَنـَابَ
O youth! Certainly, you are representative (of Allah)

وَاِلَـى اللهِ اسْتَجـَابَ
and responded to Allah

إِن مَنْ يَرْجُـوالثَـوَابَ
Indeed who hopes in reward (of Allah)

لايُبـَالِي بِـاالصعَابَ
does not pay attention in difficult

فِي سَبِيْـلَ الله نَمْضِـي
In the way of Allah, we pass

نَبْتَغِـيْ رَفْع اللِـوَاء
We expect to raise the flag

فَلْيَعُـد لِلـدِيْنِ مَجْـدُ
So he promises the glory to this Deen

وَلْيَعُـد لِلـدِيْنِ عِـزُ
And promises the honor to this deen


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